Rules that Protect Click IT Domains from Abuse

At Click IT, we believe that in order for a top-level domain to retain an established level of perceived value, a determined set of rules must be put in place and enforced. Top-level domains, in our opinion, lose value if there are no established rules. For instance, there was a time when you could not get a .org domain without being a non-profit. Or that you needed to be in the U.S. in order to purchase a .us domain. ICANN and the certificate authorities seem to have lost control of these top-level domains. The Handshake blockchain allows us to have complete authority to protect the value of our domains for Click IT and our customers. (See What is the Blockchain to learn more.)

The .chagrinfalls domain will be managed by Click IT under the following set of rules.

  1. In order to purchase any .chagrinfalls domain, one must have a physical address (bricks and mortar location) for their business or organization, and it must be related directly to the category word used for the second-level domain.
    1. For instance, lawyer.chagrinfalls is only available for purchase by an attorney practicing in Chagrin Falls with a physical address inside Chagrin Falls township.
  2. We reserve the right to reject any attempt to purchase any domain for sale on this website, for whatever reason we see fit. At Click IT, we are the judge, jury, and trial. There is no disputing this, but if you want to appeal or state your case why you need a .chagrinfalls domain that has not been allowed, you should contact us.

If you have any questions whatsoever or want to discuss Click IT Registry with us at Click IT, again please contact us.