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A top-level domain is one of the domains at the highest level in the hierarchical Domain Name System of the Internet. The top-level domain names are installed in the root zone of the namespace. At Click IT we own top-level domains you can purchase at
Once you have purchased a top-level domain from Clickit Registry, you qualify to purchase one of the domain subscription packages found at

Below is a list of released domains that are up for auction now. Or, use the search bar to find available domains by keywords.

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List of Available Top Level Domains

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Using the Blockchain, Click IT is working with a team of experts to secure location-based domain extensions, such as .chagrinfalls. Then, we're making available selective category domains, such as autorepair.chagrinfalls, which present distinct digital search advantages. Read more here.

The blockchain is enabling Click IT to acquire top-level domains, based on a structure much like the cryptocurrency market was created, where the building blocks used need not be guided by institutions, but instead through a chain of peer approvals.  It is democracy in its most refined form.

The value of our top-level domains will remain strong because not just anyone can purchase them. See rules.

Stake Your Claim Before Your Competition Does.

At Click IT, we believe, like physical land, digital property that's location-based has a lot of value that can easily be tapped into. Having a category and location in your domain name, besides being easily remembered, will assist in achieving a dominant position on Internet listings.

At Click IT, we are opening up bids for category .chagrinfalls domains. These domains use whole words for the most commonly used categories in Internet searches. Search engines now look at your location and then favor listings located near you. For instance, if someone is looking for a "laundry service" who is located in Chagrin Falls, a search engine result ( will list laundry services in Chagrin Falls. Listing services (like the Yellow Pages) and advertisements typically will dominate the top sections of a search engine results page. Wouldn't it be nice if your listing came out on top? With a location-based domain, you can. Search results are determined by taking many factors into account, but the most weighted consideration is the domain name. This is why location-based, category domains are most desirable.

Approved Domains Available for .chagrinfalls

The one major rule we have in place for .chagrinfalls is that in order to qualify to purchase one of the second-level domains listed below, you must have a physical address (a bricks and mortar) for your business and that it must be related directly to the category word. For instance, lawyer.chagrinfalls is only available for purchase by an attorney practicing in Chagrin Falls with a physical address inside Chagrin Falls proper. See Rules. We reserve the right to reject any attempt at purchasing any domain for sale on this website. We will release more top-level domains over time, so stay tuned. If you have any questions or want to discuss any of this with us at Click IT, contact us.


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When you purchase a top-level domain for your business, as a bonus, Click IT offers you a selection of Domain Presence packages at greatly discounted prices. Use any domain and take advantage of this limited offer today.

Domain Presence Plans and Comparision

Village Package

  • GMB (Google My Business)
  • Basic 5 Page Website

Town Package

  • GMB (Google My Business)
  • Basic 5 Page Website
  • FAQ Schema
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • GDPR

City Package

  • Google SEO Master
  • Basic 5 Page Website
  • FAQ Schema
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • GDPR
  • Bronze Security and Maint